Training as a cutting machine operator

Niederau OT Ockrilla
(near Meissen)
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Secondary school certificate

The job at a glance

Technical curiosity meets a good understanding of mathematics, logical thinking and a pronounced spatial imagination! As a cutting machine operator, you will produce high-precision components with a wide range of dimensions. Precise turning and milling machine tools are used to remove chips from rotationally symmetrical and prismatic parts in order to produce a high-quality product from a simple raw part.

Your area of responsibility:

  • Creation and optimization of CNC programs
  • Setting up machining centers / manufacturing systems
  • Monitoring and documentation of production processes
  • Tool selection and tool measurement

This is what you have to offer:

  • 10th grade Realschulabschluss
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Spatial imagination
  • Ability to concentrate, diligence and commitment
  • manual dexterity

What do we have to offer?

  • Specialization in the areas of CNC milling and CNC turning
  • First-class working conditions with modern CNC technology
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Performance-related and reliable remuneration
  • Friendly and familiar working environment
  • Employee events
  • Very good chances of being taken on


Strengthen our team with an application to, by post to the address given in the job vacancies or via our contact form.

Detailed information on the job offer

Job profile: The job description as a CNC cutting machine operator (m/f/d)

Machining mechanics generally manufacture precision metal components, which can be produced using processes such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, etc. A CNC program is created on the basis of a technical drawing or a 3D model, which controls the machining of a component on a corresponding milling or turning machine. The special feature of CNC machining is that the machining process is based on computer-aided machine control (“Computerized Numerical Control”). With CNC processing machines of this type, components can be manufactured with micrometer precision. The operation of these machines is the responsibility of a cutting machine operator, who also monitors the machining process and carries out quality checks during production, among other things.

Kersten Maschinenbau GmbH as an employer

Kersten Maschinenbau GmbH manufactures ready-to-install machine parts and assemblies with the highest precision according to individual customer specifications. On a production area of over 9000m², we offer our more than 120 employees a secure and varied workplace, whether in the turning shop, milling shop, quality assurance, welding shop or metalworking shop. We invest both in state-of-the-art technology and in our employees, who can experience a friendly and familiar working environment with us. 10 trainees are currently gaining their first professional experience and benefit from a collegial and instructive atmosphere in which personal initiative and professional development are encouraged.
We reward commitment: in addition to the shift allowance, we motivate our employees with a performance-oriented bonus system and external events such as our annual summer party or Christmas party.

What qualities does a cutting machine operator need to have?

Technical curiosity, a good grasp of mathematical and geometric issues, the ability to link logical relationships and a strong spatial sense are important qualities for the job of a cutting machine operator. The production of complex individual parts and small series takes place in 3-shift operation and requires a high level of concentration as well as independent, careful work. In addition to completed vocational training, professional experience in the operation of CNC machines and their programming is desirable. It goes without saying that all the necessary knowledge is taught during our training as a cutting machine operator. In addition to machining skills, we also attach great importance to social interaction in order to maintain a healthy working atmosphere through collegial teamwork.

How do I apply?

Send us your application by e-mail to: or online via our contact form or by post to:

Kersten Maschinenbau GmbH
Mr. Hinz
Gewerbegebiet Nr. 5
01689 Niederau b. Meißen.

If you have any questions about your application, please call us on 03521 470530.
We look forward to getting to know you!

How is the training structured?

Training as a cutting machine operator usually takes 3.5 years, which can also be shortened to 3 years in special cases. During this time, our apprentices are trained in a dual system both in our company by experienced skilled workers and master craftsmen and at the MEA-Kesselsdorf training center. It begins in the first year with basic training, followed by familiarization with the various production departments and CNC machines, as well as specialization in milling or turning in the second year, and ends in the fourth year with independent set-up, programming and optimization of our machining centers.

After successfully passing their final examination and completing their training, we are generally very happy to take on our apprentices and, if interested, also offer further training opportunities to become an industrial foreman or technician.

Join us!

Apply now: Simply apply via the contact form, by post or by e-mail!
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